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Our Story

Gator Pit Studio is a recording studio that was started by Minnesota native and current resident, Austin Ebner. GPS has been serving the area since 2017, and we have worked with artists from around the globe, from Scotland to the Philippines and Virginia to California. It is our goal to bring the best out of your project while providing friendly and professional service. Gator Pit Studio specializes in recording, mixing, and mastering using Pro Tools and Wavelab. Contact us today to start getting your music out to the world!

Some of the artists/bands we have worked with are: Identity Zero, Dylan Little, David Grant, 13th Chapter, Shotgun Facelift, Pastor Kynne Smith, Barnaby Jones, MR. 107, Sacred Creed Productions, David Orcutt, This Wild Heart, What Has Happened Is A Good Thing, Chase Harrison, Liberty Hall Collective, Joey No Feelinz, J-Solomon, The Olde Poets, Winter Calling, Michael "Mick" Rattray, Mr. Lucci, Old City Lights, and many more.



Check out what we offer below



Looking to bring your creative concoctions to life? Book your mixing session at Gator Pit Studio and work with our experienced team to realize your unique sound that you are proud of and your fans will love. Contact us to start mixing today.



Do you need that final "polish" on your project? Then get it mastered at Gator Pit Studio! We will get your album sounding like a cohesive collection and your single bright and punchy for an affordable price. Contact us today to put the finishing touch on your project!



Start off your project right with a great recording! Whether you need a whole song, voice over for video or radio, or even an audio book recorded, we are here to help. Also, we are able to record in your place of comfort and live shows!  Contact us to set up your recording session today!

Drum Recording


If you are looking for a great drum sound but no one to play it, we have you covered! Using our custom TCDC drum set, you will get 14 raw tracks for your project.  The tracks you get are: kick in and out, snare top and bottom, hi-hats, 4 toms, ride, overheads, and 2 room mics.


Special Extras

Gifts and Education

Gift Cards

Do you know someone who wants to get their project worked on professionally but just needs that little extra push? Be sure to help them out by getting them an eGift Card today! The best part is they're all electronic to make sure that you can use it whether you do your project in person or online; all you need to keep track of is the code that's sent to your email. Purchase your eGift Card now!

Special Effects

In the purely analog days of mixing, the hardest part of any project was recalling everything, but today, that problem has been solved thanks to computers and newer technology. If you have found yourself wondering how we made a certain reverb, delay, distortion, etc., be sure to contact us today! We will make sure that you have the right plugins to duplicate it, and if you do, it's just a small fee of $2 to get access to that effect chain!

Contact our staff with any questions.



Here is a small sample of what we have

ProTools 12
Waves Diamond Bundle
iZotope Music Production Bundle
elysia xpressor 500
Kush Electra 500 EQ (x2)
dbx 530 EQ (x2)
dbx 1066
Lauten Audio LA-320
AKG D112
Audix Drum Mics
Shure SM7-B
Rode NT5 Matched Pair



Gator Pit Studio did a great job mastering my latest EP. It sounds better than ever. Easy to work with and Austin does great work!”

Brett Pongratz (This Wild Heart, Liberty Hall Collective)

"Austin did an amazing job recording, mixing, and mastering our album. Very easy to work with and got it done fast. Thanks again Austin from all of us at Shotgun Facelift."

Damian Goulet (Shotgun Facelift)

"Austin...did a phenomenal job on our (13th Chapter) EP! He returned rough tracks back within days and was always open to feedback and suggestions. We'll be back, oh yes we will! Thanks Gator Pit for kickin' arse!"

Cal Hofland (13th Chapter)


Contact Us

We’d love to be a part of your next audio production, so be sure to contact us today to get your questions answered and book your session!

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