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Release Updates!

We have been pretty busy here with putting the finishing touches on a couple of projects. First, we have finally finished David Orcutt's first album, and he is currently in the process of getting it published! Secondly, we just finished mastering the first solo album by Chase Harrison since the split of his band Liberty Hall Collective. If you were lucky enough to know the band before they split, you definitely need to check out this album; it does not disappoint! Thirdly, J-Solomon is now on his way to publishing and distributing his debut album as well; I believe that there is a huge congratulations in order for all three of these artists in their accomplishments with! We will pass on the information as to where you can listen to/buy these albums as they get released. Lastly, we have added a sample of Shotgun Facelift's 21311 Demos to our music sample, so be sure to check that out if you haven't yet done so!

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